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SoundSlam: Talk about the project with DJ Muggs. I talked to him a little bit yesterday. He was explaining the title of The Legend of The Mask and The Assassin. He explained his part a little bit. Can you talk about The Mask, what the mask symbolizes for you?

Sick Jacken: The Mask stems from our logo, which is the gasmask. That’s the logo for the Psycho Realm. It represents purity. You can’t contaminate me, you can’t f**k with my brain. You can’t put that poison in me. I got this gasmask on. You can’t hit me with that s**t. All the bulls**t, keep it to yourself. The gasmask is a real strong image. You’d be surprised how many fans got that tattooed on them, how many people got that on their walls, on their cars. It represents that, it represents truth. That’s pretty much the mask. The mask represents me. The Assassin is DJ Muggs and the whole Soul Assassin venture that he created.