Posts below are various artist's work including mine.

The eCab+ Premium Vaporizer

The eCab+ Premium Electric Vaporizers is a kit that has all you need to start vaping! The eCab’s design and structure is based on the EGO series vaporizers, this is a high quality vaporizer that uses a new rechargeable battery. This new battery structure gives the ability to take out and replace it’s battery. The benefit of changeable batteries is that consumers well be able to quickly change their battery and not having to wait for it to charge.

Now Available at https://minivapeshop.com/

The 510+ Premium Vaporizer 

The 510+ is a simpler and more convenient version of the existing Changeable Battery System. It features a new battery housing that has the ability to replace the rechargeable battery. The 510+ is also designed to allow users to quickly check and change their clearomizer. Each battery enables over 150 puffs and charging takes approximately 2 hours. The unique changeable tank system uses refillable tanks that are more economical. This is a thin design that is very light in weight and very comfortable to use.

Now Available at https://minivapeshop.com/

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